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Elevate your favorite plate with the ServeItUp®- the first stand that provides a secure lift to any size or shape...


Elevate your favorite plate with the ServeItUp®- the first stand that provides a secure lift to any size or shape plate or bowl. Put your everyday plate on a pedestal and instantly raise the bar on serving and entertaining. The ServeItUp® has a porcelain base, topped with a suction cup that securely affixes to flat, non porous dinnerware. Simply pull the tab to release the plate when you are done. Stack the small and large ServeItUp® sizes for a multi-tiered plating presentation. Welcome clean cabinets and ditch those clunky cake stands for the compact and space saving ServeItUp®.

Some stuff you should know:

  • porcelain base with suction cup
  • comes in two sizes-large & small
  • allows for a variety of serving stand creations
  • suction cup securely holds to shiny, flat, non-porous plate or bowl
  • stores easily in small spaces
  • plate/bowl separates from stand for easy cleaning
  • hand wash only, do not submerge
  • large holds 10"-12" diameter plates
  • large dimensions: 5" diam x 4.5" tall porcelain base
  • small holds 6"-8" diameter standard salad/bread & butter plate 
  • small dimensions: 3.75" diameter x 3.5" tall porcelain base

Suction Tips:

  • suction cup securely holds ONLY to shiny, flat, smooth, non-porous or glass plates or bowls
  • some matte or crackle finishes may not work for a proper suction
  • bottom surface area should be smooth, free of labels, writing or any raised textures which may prohibit suction
  • wipe suction clean before each use with a clean lint free cloth, you can use a little water to improve suction if needed
  • be sure plates are not oversized for each size ServeItUp®, large we recommend 10"-12" diameter plate and small we recommend 6"-8" salad/bread & butter plate
  • place ServeItUp® on stable surface and center plate on top of the suction, with both hands press down evenly holding edges of plate, it may take a time or two and an extra press in the center depending on plate or bowl to get good suction
ServeItUp® 2017 US & International patents, trademarks, copyrights and registrations issued & pending.